The channel that started it all. The channel that runs this panel. The 'Pulse' channel is mostly focused on providing professional wrestling content while also providing videos that make you feel all funny inside on occasion. In the good way.


Pulse In Progress

I created 'Pulse In Progress' as an escape from the content that I've been known for over the past half decade on my 'Pulse' channel. I dive into other video game series that I think are interesting such as The Batman Arkham games & older games like Fable.


James Darnell

Hey, that's my real name! I created 'James Darnell' as an outlet for something that I've become extremely passionate about: living life! When I started YouTube, I was well over 300lbs. After losing over 100lbs & finding a love for powerlifting, I got a different outlook on life.


Other Networks

While the channels above are where most of my content goes down, I do have more! Check them out.

Da Squad Elite

Everyone who watches me is a part of Da Squad, but those who decided to go the extra mile are part of Da Squad Elite.



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Twitch TV

I stream multiple days every single week over on Twitch TV! From Friday The 13th: The Game to PUBG to Mario Kart, I like to keep it interesting.



I post all of my sh*tty hot takes here. It's like a museum. A museum of sh*tty hot takes.